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Correct Urn Size

What Size Urn Do I Need?

Making sure you have the correct urn size is quite a delicate matter and we hope we explain the requirements clearly for you below.

The capacity of a cremation urn relates more accurately to a loved one's height, sex, and age rather than body weight.

The elderly and most children would need a smaller urn for ashes than a fully grown adult, regardless of their weight.

There are exceptions such as varying cremation methods and some physical factors, but most adult's ashes will fit within an urn of 3.0 litre capacity or greater, 10" and up. The Children urns are size appropriate so you would just need to choose a colour. Cremation quantities may vary due to differing techniques by crematoriums.

All keepsake urns are suitable for anyone, as the name states they are a keepsake only. So a portion of the ashes would be stored in the vessel and the remains scattered at an appropriate location.

Not all processes are identical and other factors may require allowances. If exact capacity of an urn is required we recommend you ask your crematorium or funeral director for precise information.

If you are purchasing an urn for your pet our guidelines are as follows:

Please follow the weights and measurements on each urn 

At the Cremation Urn Emporium we have a variety of Brass Cremation Urns that may suit your needs, if you can not find something suitable please browse through the alternative options on the tabs above. We invite you to create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store

Our thoughts are with you at this challenging time

All the staff

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